Could you become a deliverer?


Alma Manus´s Deliverers are a important part of the manufacturing cycle; the paper is finished only after it has been delivered to the subscriber.

Hourly wage is paid based on the previously measured area lengths and the average time at work is 2–4 hours per night, but it varies a lot between each deliverer.

Deliverer basically work six days in a row after which they have two days off. For example if the days off during the first week are on Monday and Tuesday, the days off during the following week are on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Newspapers are delivered on weekdays before 6 a.m. and on weekends and week holidays before 7 a.m.


Could you become a deliverer?

-You are at least 18 years old.

-You have a car or a bicycle of your own.

-You have a valid work permit.

-You appreciate independent and responsible work.


Read more and leave your application rekry(at)almamedia.fi > Work as deliverer.