Printing Services

Alma Manu’s newspaper printing facility in Tampere is the most modern press in the Nordics.

High-Quality Printing

Alma Manu’s newspaper printing facility is ready to serve you in Tampere, Finland. Our skilled staff ensures that your prints are produced with top-notch quality and on schedule as agreed.

Alma Manu’s printing facility has excelled in the esteemed WAN-IFRA International Newspaper Color Quality Club quality competition five times in a row now and thus gained access to Star Club – as the first printing house in the Nordics. Success in the competition is a proof of Alma Manu’s excellent quality and the ability to meet high international standards.

The newspaper is a versatile medium. Whether you need to print a limited issue or a massive one, it is always worth it to ask for a price quote.

Printing Service

Alma Manu’s printing center makes sure that the client’s materials are ready to be printed.

We pay close attention to your page materials and prepare them so that they are at their finest when the print facility’s disc publishers and other publication platforms are put to use.

The service includes product orders, checking and archiving the PDF files, quality optimization with Agfa’s OptiInk software (e.g. RGB conversion to CMYK and under color removal), printing, and page layouts.


Alma Manu’s newspaper printing facility can place up to 12 inserts between the pages of a single print product.

Alma Manu can either print the inserts for your product or use inserts that were printed elsewhere. Inserts can range from a A6-sized card to a broadsheet. Inserts can be placed in a whole print issue or be tailored according to the client’s wishes, for example, different inserts for various parts of the city.


Sticker advertising is our latest addition to the Alma Manu product family. Studies have shown that sticker advertisements are very effective. Out of Alma Media’s newspapers, Aamulehti and Satakunnan Kansa have been selling sticker-ad spots to advertising clients for a few years now.

Stickers are a front-page story and an ad space that every reader sees! Detachable sticker ads have an attention value of up to 80 percent, which makes them number one over all other ad spaces. Readers pay close attention to stickers, so your message will reach consumers effectively. Stickers are also an easy way to stand out. Consumers have viewed stickers as easy to understand, original, and interesting.

Sustainable Alma Manu

Alma Manu’s environmental efforts are based on three basic principles:

  1. Pre-emptive measures to reduce waste
  2. Recycling
  3. Waste material utilization