Printing Services

Our modern newspaper printing facility produces your printed products economically and on schedule. Alma Manu’s printing quality has repeatedly gainedinternational recognition.

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Our career opportunities in Finland are located in the printing facility in Tampere and in our delivery areas in Pirkanmaa and Satakunta. We are constantly looking for new couriers to join our team!

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A Pioneer in Newspaper Printing and Distribution

Alma Manu offers you a full-service solution, all the way from newspaper prepress processes to the end customer’s mailbox.

Our key operations include our in-house printing service, newspaper printing facility, and early morning deliveries.

Alma Manu as Numbers

Our story started already in the 19th century, but our modern printing facility in Tampere was built in 2013. Now we print 6 million newspapers and deliver over 2 million products each week with the help of over 800 couriers, who reach about 200,000 households each day.